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I’ve Been Accepted!!!

The other day I received a large envelope from the Fashion Institute of Technology!  I am so happy to say I was accepted into the accelerated one year associates fashion design program!  My hard work paid off! 🙂

I really didn’t expect to receive notice so soon as they mentioned that acceptance statuses would typically be sent out in April – May.  Now that I know I’ve been accepted, all the worrying has set in – have I saved enough money to be jobless for at least 1 year?  will I even find a job upon graduation?  Can I handle being back in school and redoing the whole internship (aka slave labor) experience all over again?  Will I be able to cut back on spending after 3+ years of financial freedom?

I don’t know 😦

All I know is that if I didn’t at least try, I’d be stuck in a career path that never felt right for me and I’d be miserable that I wasted so many years doing something that made me feel bad about myself.

Right now I have to just focus on the awesome sense of achievement of going through the grueling FIT portfolio process for the second time.  (I began my application 8 years ago but found it too daunting so I went to business school instead…)  Time to apply for scholarships to see if I can earn some free money…

Enough about school..here’s an avocado plant update:

This guy is on his 3rd round of pruning.. hes a bit of a twiggy runt compared to avocado plant #2 but he seems to be growing regardless.

avocado plant pruned progress

Avocado #2: the leggy monster

Every pruning has backfired on me so far, but I’ve cut him down to 5″ and hes still growing a new leader..amazing.  I’m hoping that the approaching spring weather will produce some nice bushy leaves

pruning leggy avocado plant