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Avocado Plant Pruning Success

avocado plant pruning results

1 month progress since pruning my avocado plant.

I’ve been very busy lately with work stress, trying to juggle 2 classes at FIT and making feeble attempts at working on my portfolio.  Amidst the chaos, strangely, I always manage to find time to obsessively check on the progress of my plants.  (They are my babies!!)

I had originally tried pruning my avocado plant since it was experiencing stunted growth for several months.  I cut off the top buds right above the highest leaf node (cut at the internodes) et Voila!! A brand new bud grew at the node.

A lot of  info sources suggest pruning indoor avocado plants to encourage a bushy plant, but few explain how its done.  Through some research, I’ve gathered that in order to ensure branching (and not just growing a new stem from the stump), one must cut stem at the internode, approximately 1/2″ from the top most node you’d like to keep.  I tried this pruning theory with a second Avocado plant with the same success.

Node & Internode terminology explained here! – for some reason the most thorough content always comes from cannabis growing forums…

Avocado plant progress aside, work has picked up significantly and I find myself thrown into the client facing role that I’ve dreaded from the start.  It gives me so much anxiety as I do not feel confident as a public speaker and I don’t think on my feet well either.  Work is making me miserable as it highlights all the flaws/weaknesses that I perceive of myself and I have a hard time motivating myself to get simple tasks done.  Instead of energizing me, work makes me feel like an inadequate/lazy human being.

On the flip side, classes have been good.  They aren’t easy, and I’m not an expert but illustrating and sewing garments comes far more naturally to me.  I love the solitary aspect of it, and I love the ease of having some natural talent in these subjects.  I still can’t be sure if ‘designing’ will be my downfall, but some core value of fashion are still drawing me in.

Designing and finding inspiration has thus far been the most challenging part for me.  Sometimes I question my competence as a ‘passionate’ fashion student as I’m not constantly in that designing mindset or swoon over all the latest runway shows.  Rather, I enjoy well fitting clothes, personal style, and the process of creating a 3D garment from flat pattern pieces.

More fashion updates to come as I use my christmas break to bang out as much of the portfolio as possible.  The Feb 1st deadline will be here in no time at all.




I’ve started this blog to document and catalog my random thoughts, interests, likes, dislikes, inspirations, rants and any projects I might be obsessed with at the moment.  I have a short attention span and tend to juggle many unfinished side projects at once.  I keep myself busy by doing homebody things knitting, cross-stitching, baking, sewing, ceramic arts, gardening and acquiring new hobbies.  Maybe this blog will help me to be more accountable for some of the projects I start.

I work to live, and at the ripe old age of 25 I’m trying to start my career over again since life is too short to feel miserable about work all the time.  I don’t know what it is yet that I excel at  but by the slow process of elimination, I’ve gotten to know myself better and what career paths I don’t wish to continue down.  I am currently taking a couple nights and weekends courses at FIT that I’m enjoying, and this has prompted me to apply for the One Year AAS Fashion Design Degree for the Fall 2014 Semester.  I’m nervous about the application process, if I have what it takes to keep up with the accelerated curriculum, being a full time student again, quitting my job, finding a job after school, and how to keep afloat during all this. Baby Steps.

These days I find myself overwhelmed with my third career move (which I am still unhappy with), taking classes at FIT, taking pottery classes, agreeing to do freelance work, and making  time for my sanity.  Things are tough but I’ve made larger strides in the past year than I have since graduating from college.  Its go time.