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My Windowsill Garden – The Avocado Plant Project

indoor city garden

Pineapple plant, ginger, grass, spoon jade succulent, aloe, jade succulent, avocado and bamboo plant

There is something very satisfying about successfully germinating and then being able to see your plant grow and flourish in front of your eyes.  A plant grown from kitchen scraps is especially gratifying as I have spent $0 and almost no effort on my fun little project. That’s why for the past 6 months, I’ve been trying to avocado trees, pineapple plants, ginger and some random succulents by my East facing kitchen window.  I know East isn’t ideal for optimal sunshine, but anything is better than North right?


It is a known fact that I love avocados.  I shun and silently judge those who don’t enjoy avocados the way I do.  Currently, my favorite way to eat avocado is spread on toast with some Vegemite on top. yum.  Anyway,  instead of tossing my avocado seeds like most folks, I’ve begun to clean them off, stick little toothpicks in them and suspend them over a glass of water.  For anyone whose tried this method of starting the tree, it is a very slow and unrewarding process.  1 out of 4 seeds never sprout for me…which makes it even more exciting when they do sprout!

indoor avocado plant

freshly transplanted from water to soil

indoor avocado plant pruned

Attempted to prune by trimming top leaves

This guy took 6 months to get to this stage, and hes only about 5″ tall.  I haven’t seen any visible growth in about a month, so I repotted him in some cactus soil and decided to try pruning.  I keep reading articles about ‘pruning’ or ‘pinching off’ the top leaves to encourage growth and bushiness, but directions are always really vague.  I was too puss to cut off the stem so I opted to snip off the top leaves.  So far nothing has changed…but stay tuned.