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Finally Done!!!

After a month of full time job from 9am-7pm and the sewing/drawing/designing til 1am, then having no life on the weekends….I’m done!  I’ve submitted my FIT Admissions Fashion Design portfolio for the One-Year Associates Program.

Many things went wrong along the way, and I’m still not certain I followed all the directions to the tee or if I met the standard of a 1 year program student.  Of course the ePortfolio submission site was down the moment I tried to submit it also….

I don’t know what I will do if my portfolio was passed over due to a technicality or minor issues.  (not sure I have the will power to do it over again to be honest)  all i can know is that I tried hard, putting a lot of thought and physical effort into doing the best I could considering the time frame and juggling a full-time job.

Now, all there is left to do is wait… 3 whole agonizing months.  (After that, I can start fretting about how willing I will be to quit my stable paying job and basically start from scratch as a full time student/un-paid intern)

Here’s a sample of one of the dresses from my portfolio:


malvarosa-dress-pocket malvarosa dress pattern with organza overlay- and it has pockets!!

I used the adorable drop waist dress Malvarosa Dress Pattern by Pauline Alice

I wanted to make sure I was using an easy pattern for my novice sewing skills – but I also wanted to add a more formal touch to the casual dress pattern so I added a layer of organza to the skirt portion and used dressier fabric.

I’d definitely recommend this pattern for anyone who wants an easy/gratifying dress pattern that one can move around and pig out in…perfect for thanksgiving feasting!

(my only qualm is that the sizing is very generous – the smallest pattern size was a bit roomy for my 5’2″ model – needless to say it will overwhelm my almost 5ft extra extra petite frame 😥 ….)

…more of my portfolio to come when I’m not feeling lazy